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Yu Jin
The Chief Doctor specializes in: diabetes and its complications
Yu Jin, president of Boshoutang Hospital of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), is a famous consultant and theorist of TCM as well as a ...[View]

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Chinese traditional surgery is an important medicine in clinical disciplines, rich content, including sores, breast disease, gall tumor, rock, anal declared intestinal disease, male ex-Yin disease, skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, traumatic diseases and the surrounding disease and so on. Historically, the bruises, stab wounds of the gold edge, ENT, oral and other diseases that once belonged to a surgical range. Due to the development of medicine, increasingly fine division of the above disease has developed differentiated into the relevant specialty. Has a long history of Chinese traditional surgery for thousands of years to experience the origin, formation, development, and mature at different stages.


The most primitive in the working and living in primitive society, people wrestle with the beast, and the protest of severe cold and heat, trauma a lot of spontaneous use of weeds, leaves, herbs, dressing wounds, pulling the foreign body, oppression, such as a bleeding wound, the formation of Surgery method of treatment. Later developed into open drainage and Stone, Stone acupuncture treatment of abscesses. The original debridement, hemostasis, for external use and minor surgery is the origin of the surgery. About 1324 BC, about Oracle on. Disease since the (nasal), disease ear disease tooth diseases tongue disease foot disease only (finger or toe), scabies and other records. "Shan Hai Jing, Higashiyama by: Gao of the mountain ... multi Proverbs stone. GuoPu Note: acupuncture needle, cure carbuncles. Acupuncture needle incision tool is the earliest surgical instruments. Book contains 38 kinds of diseases, including carbuncle, gangrene, numbness, gall, hemorrhoids, scabies and other surgical diseases, with the emergence of the social division of labor , private practitioners are good at different, therefore the division of medicine. surgery is a specialist in the Zhou Dynasty, "Zhou day official papers," the doctors at that time divided into disease doctors, the ulcer medicine; medical food and veterinary four main categories which ulcer medicine is a surgeon, attending neoplasms, ulcers, create and fold ulcers. eight of the ulcer medicine corporal; palm swollen ulcer, ulcer drugs wish, scraping the killing of Qi (I wish drug that is treated , scraping is to scrape the pus and blood, killing is corrosive to go evil meat or cut off the evil meat, Qi is a sore face complex) China found the first of a medical literature 52 sick side "documented infection, plane injury, frostbite, such as insect bites, surgical diseases of the anal fistula, cancer, skin diseases, and cut records. female hemorrhoids. therapy, such as dogs, whichever bladder (bladder), to wear the flute (bamboo tube ) people smell of mutton (rectum), blowing leads, Xu knife stripped of its nest, the rule of skullcap and repeated Fu. Land bile and other drugs and topical Mu hemorrhoids, smooth collar. Drain pipe as examination and treatment probe. Visible, surgery has been a wide range of therapeutic levels.

TCM Surgical begun to take shape, the formation of a discipline in the Han Dynasty. Then existing medical theory book "Yellow Emperor" come out, as set out in the "coffin ulcer surgery nonaggressive, although only 17, but have some knowledge on the etiology and pathogenesis of ulcer, Cardiff blood camp guard; weeks flow endlessly, should be under the stars, which should be by number. Pathogenic cold off at the meridian into the blood weeping blood weeping is unreasonable, not General Wei gas naturalization, shall not be complex to the contrary, it is carbuncles. Cold air into heat, heat wins rotten meat, rotten meat was pus. Pus does not write is bad tendon, tendons bad break a bone, bone marrow eliminate, improper bone empty vent shall not write, Xueku emptiness, muscle and Xiangrong, meridians lose leak, smoked in Solid Organs, possession of injury therefore dead "in the" Yellow Emperor "there and commented on, massage, pigs topical cream, mash medicine, surgery and other surgical therapies, such as first proposed cut-off toe surgery from gangrene. the same time, there are l Dan ettringite, Tsz stone which burned three day and night, the smoke on the sweep to take to cure ulcers, chicken feathers. "L Dan refining method and called surgical originator of Hua Tuo (AD 141-203), an application Mafeisan laparotomy as a general anesthetic agent." Han said: "If in nodal disease, Acupuncture can not and who, Nailing the first in wine linen boiling loose, drunk nothing felt broken front and because of the rip; pumping cut accumulate; or stomach, Duanjie the Jian River wash to remove illness foul; subsequently sutured Fu anointed by God. 40 5 founding more between January are calm. "In the world, this is the earliest literature of anesthesia and surgery. Zhongjing" Golden Chamber "have a great impact on the development of later surgery, such as the treatment of appendicitis, Han Shan, steeped sore, Fox Puzzle Treating System and prescriptions of the disease so far is still the clinical application by the Western Han Dynasty before and after the advent of the "gold record paralyzed remorse side is China's first outside scientific monographs, but unfortunately has been lost can be seen that the Han dynasty, from the theory, practice , drugs, surgery, works in many ways, medicine surgery has initially formed an independent discipline.

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